Has anyone joined the IBC of dr. vivek bindra ?

Take out some time from your schedule and read the complete article if you actually want to know about it. Here is my synopsis to it in pointers:
1. Bada Businessis an EdTech startup in the Indian Startup ecosystem which is profitable, equity free and debt free. By far, the only other startup with such fundamentals I know is Zerodha.
2. Dr. Vivek Bindra has been coaching and consulting various Top companies like Maruti, Tata Sons etc. of the country for a decade now.
3. This is probably the only Indian EdTech Startup about Entrepreneurship where top management executives of India’s Billion Dollar companies like HDFC Bank, Patanjali group, Policy Bazaar, Oyo rooms and many more have joined as professors to educate the MSME, SME, Startup and students of the country.
4. Now comes, what is an IBC model?
MLM: No, there is no Binary Matrix.
AFFILIATE: Maybe, however the company here is so known that it has a mass reach of more than 75 million people watching and more than 16.8 million subscribers across YouTube. One could easily hire sales employees and train them and just eat the whole pie himself. However, Dr. Vivek Bindra is a solid example of the quote “Practice what you Preach”, he is implementing the same fundamentals which he is teaching.
5. Bada Businessas its name says is expanding the ecosystem and making a larger pie. Adding more people to the ecosystem isn’t adding sales people. Selling is not the product selling but the solution selling or consultative selling for businesses, students, & startups.
6. Have you ever thought of Zomato, Oyo, Ola? Just like what Ola is to drivers, Zomato is to restaurant partners and Oyo is to Hotels partners, in the same way Bada Businessis for IBC partners.

CONCLUSION : IBC’s is a franchise model which has a super nominal fee, out of which the company gives you back more than 60% of your investment in just 3 months + the commission per month which is as high as 35%. You also get lifetime access to the study material and so many free workshops, webinars, training, and seminars which will anyways help you grow in future. It think it is a very good opportunity for anyone to understand more about the model call at +9779867217516 or Registe Here .

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